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Echelon Cycles 5/1 Rewards Program

What Is It?

Our Rewards Program is simply the best way for you to save in the long term whenever you purchase in-store or online.

Every dollar you spend earns points, redeemable when you acquire 500 or more points.

$1 spent = 1 redeemable point.  Earn 499 points just for signing up!  Then spend just one more dollar and you are eligible for a $5 discount on anything (thus the name 5/1). Rewards improve as points increase - sign up to see the schedule.

How It Works:

  • While at our store simply ask to be enrolled and you will instantly receive an introductory text message from the system informing you how many points you've earned and how to redeem those points for discounts on merchandise and services.
  • Or, sign up right below. You will get your introductory text message within 24 hours.
  • Your phone number will be your identifier and must be on file with us in order to participate in the Rewards Program.
  • For every purchase you make the Loyalty System will automatically send you a text letting you know your point balance and what your points are redeemable for (24hr delay for online purchases).
  • To view your points and the available rewards, simply login to your secure personal loyalty portal accessible through the text you received (search your texts for Echelon Cycles or 647-697-8940).  Click on your point total and select how you wish to redeem your points.
  • To redeem your points simply ask your salesperson for your reward at the time of purchase (For online purchases please include a note with your order to request your point redemption or call us directly at 212-206-7656 to adjust the transaction accordingly). 
  • Our Reward Program also allows you to review your purchase history. All purchases made in your name at our store or online will be displayed in your portal for review once the Reward Program is enabled.

Still Have Questions?

Do not hesitate to reach out for any clarifications or inquiries.

Tel: (212)-206-7656


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