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Colnago CX-1 Evo - Dura-Ace, 54sl (= 57cm)
$3,765.00 $7,530.00 50% Savings
Colnago worked with Ferrari on the original carbon fibre bike frames, so nobody has greater experience than Colnago in designing and building light, high-quality carbon frames. All carbon frames are not the same, and with the Colnago CX-1, you’re looking at a frame alone that retails for £2500. If you shop around you can find the CX-1 frame discounted to around £2000 but that’s as good as it gets. No compromises made by this Colnago CX-1 build with the group-set either.
Colnago C60 Italia, Super Record, Racing 7 Wheels, 54sl (= 58cm)
$6,497.50 $12,995.00 50% Savings
C60 The ultimate goal is to improve the bicycle: to make it more efficient, with less rider fatigue and no sacrifice in strength or reliability. The design must be striking. From a marketing standpoint, the frame’s characteristics and technical advantages must stand out and not be completely hidden inside the frame. Star-shaped tubes are a proven design element and have become a signature design element for Colnago frames. It is from this proven design, with the goal of increased frame efficiency without significant sacrifice in comfort or strength, with which the Colnago C60 was born. In the C60 various cross sections of tubes have increased volume, thinner walls and drastic tube profiles. No attention to detail was spared. The rear dropouts have been completely redesigned for reduced weight and increased lateral stiffness. Even the water bottle mounts were redesigned to reduce weight while maximizing strength.
Focus Urban 27 Large
$750.00 $1,500.00 50% Savings
Rule the streets on the Focus Urban 27. Its light and nimble aluminum frame and fork turn your 'hood into a bike park. It has 700c wheels with wide Schwalbe tires for quick handling and to smooth out rough surfaces. When you need to slow down in a hurry, the Tektro hydraulic-disc brakes have your back, and the wide-range 27-speed drivetrain gets you back up to speed and up steep streets, too. The best part may be the Urban's stealth paint, matching components and trick Selle Royal seat.
Focus Izalco Ergoride 3.0, 58cm
$1,250.00 $2,500.00 50% Savings
Fast riding with comfort can be achieved as FOCUS has shown with the Izalco Ergoride. This carbon-framed racer combines a longer head tube and sloping top tube for a more upright riding position. The Izalco Ergoride’s refined geometry smooths the ride when the going gets tough. Bring a performance edge and excitement to your everyday rides with the FOCUS Izalco Ergoride.
Focus Izalco Team SL 4.0, 52cm, 60cm
$2,290.00 $4,580.00 50% Savings
Focus's Izalco Team SL 4.0 turns all your power into forward motion for an amazingly fast ride. Focus's Team SL high-modulus carbon frame is super light, and with the Izalco P2T tapered carbon fork, BB30 bottom bracket, and tapered front end, you get precision steering and awesome pedaling efficiency. Plus, Focus's engineered carbon layup damps vibrations keeping you comfortable on even your longest rides. A frameset this phenomenal deserves the best components, so Focus provides SRAM's Focus 22 group for first-rate shifting and braking, and a zippy set of Fulcrum wheels for plenty of speed. You also get a light Fizik handlebar, stem, and seatpost, not to mention a Fizik Arione saddle. Plus, the internal cable routing adds to the Izalco's sleek style.
Kestrel RT-1000 Ultegra 51cm
$1,950.00 $3,900.00 50% Savings
The RT-1000 utilizes Kestrel's years of carbon experience for a ride that is as fast and smooth as it is comfortable and breathtaking. Its aerodynamic carbon frame boasts a taller head tube to put you in the perfect position and keep you comfortable on all your rides. Complementing the quick, responsive frame is Kestrel's tapered carbon fork that lets you rail the corners with authority. Underneath you is a set of speedy Oval wheels that are driven by Shimano's slick-shifting Ultegra 20-speed components with compact gearing for scaling even the steepest hills with ease. What's more, the RT-1000 boasts an aero carbon seatpost and a collection of Oval's choice goodies.
Wilier Triestina Cento 1 SR Frameset, 54cm, 56cm
$1,999.50 $3,999.00 50% Savings
Wilier lore is reborn in the Cento 1 SR Framset. This stealthy rocket will let you conquer the steepest mountain passes, carve harrowing descents with steely eyes and gutter the pack—all before blitzing across the finish line. Wilier's 60-Ton monocoque-carbon provides an uncompromisingly stiff, light ride while the tapered front end bestows the utmost in steering control. Also, their streamlined seatmast cuts down on weight, yields increased aerodynamics and rigidity and allows fine-tuning to perfection with Ritchey’s seatmast clamp. Plus you get Wilier's super-clean internal cable routing. Vanquish your opponents — be they office riding buddies, the other fast guys on the Sunday group ride or race, or simply the hills themselves.
Wilier Triestina Cento 1 SR (Campy Chorus build), 56cm
$3,804.50 $7,609.00 50% Savings
Our experience with the Cento1 confirmed that the integrated seatmast is vital for those who demand the best performance from their ... Bike Radar, April 2013. We’ve spent nearly a full month aboard the Wilier Cento 1 SR since our ‘first look’, and, having ridden in a deluge for most of it, our riding pleasure has been wholly attributable to the bike. It’s one of the best all-rounders we have ridden. The handling is seemingly on your side, neutral but not uninspiring. We were able to move the bike around with confidence, flicking it into corners or working our way smoothly through a pack. It’s a stable and flattering ride, able to climb, sprint and descend with ease. Read more at
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