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Faraday Porteur
$3,500.00 - $3,850.00
Faraday's Porteur will surprise your friends when you tell them it’s electric, and it will surprise you when you realize just how much is possible on a bicycle with a little boost. This steel modern utility bike is packed with a bevy of useful features, including wood fenders for all-weather riding, a low-maintenance Shimano Alfine 8-speed internally geared hub with belt drive, integrated front and rear lights, and multiple options for carrying cargo. The Porteur is powered by a 250-watt motor that packs the power to get you over any hill along with the battery life to last up to 20 miles of pedal-assisted riding. With a battery recharge time of under three hours, Faraday's Porteur is ready for doing more than you ever thought possible.
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