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Colnago CX-1 Evo - Dura-Ace, 54sl (= 57cm)
$4,895.00 $7,530.00 35% Off
Colnago worked with Ferrari on the original carbon fibre bike frames, so nobody has greater experience than Colnago in designing and building light, high-quality carbon frames. All carbon frames are not the same, and with the Colnago CX-1, you’re looking at a frame alone that retails for £2500. If you shop around you can find the CX-1 frame discounted to around £2000 but that’s as good as it gets. No compromises made by this Colnago CX-1 build with the group-set either.
Colnago Cento10 SL Rim Ultegra
$4,399.00 $5,499.00 20% Off
The Cento10 SL is the perfect aerodynamic racing bike for athletes like you who are looking for maximum speed in an elegant, sleek bike at a competitive price. Wilier’s new bike offers the choice of mechanical or electronic transmission, and disc or traditional brakes.
Colnago Concept Frameset (Rim Brake) The Concept is the fastest and most streamlined bike in the range. The Concept is the most recent achievement of the Colnago Concept project which first came into existence in 1986 and involved Ernesto Colnago and Enzo Ferrari who joined forces to create the first frame with tubes and lugs made from carbon fibre. A perfect fusion of power and speed where each single detail has been carefully curated in order to raise aerodynamics to new heights. With its outstanding ride quality and incredible efficiency, this bicycle outclasses all others and will leave competitors in the dust.
Colnago Master 30th Frameset, 52cm, 56cm
$2,920.00 $3,650.00 20% Off
Colnago's long-heralded Master Frameset is an emotional expression of classic cycling perfection. This gorgeous steel frameset is handmade from double-butted chromoly for a classically smooth ride and refined handling. The hand-painted logos, detailed lugs and impressive attention to detail will satisfy your inner purist, while Colnago's luxurious star-shaped tubes temper the ride for unrivaled comfort and response. And, that legendary steel comfort is enhanced by Colnago's perfectly dialed geometry and exquisitely matched straight-blade steel fork that carves corners with Italian grace. With an espresso fueling your desire, the open road ahead and your Colnago Master beneath you, you'll find a beautiful day on every horizon.
Colnago C64 Frameset (Disc Brake)
$5,199.96 $6,499.95 20% Off The C64 frame is fully made in Italy and is the result of more than 2 years of research, It represents the continuity of the history of a company that has collected successes and innovations for more than 60 years. It weighs in at 270 grams lighter than the C60.
Colnago V1-R Custom Build Ultegra, 50sl (=54cm)
Ferrari’s Cavallino, or prancing horse, logo is applied to each frame to recognise the company’s collaboration with Colnago, which instructed the frame’s carbon quality. Colnago has majored on classic looks while creating its road aero frameset, with subtle Kamm-tail tube shapes that look more round than aero in profile. Even the head tube looks relatively slim, compared with the aero competition. The chainstays aren’t asymmetric, there’s a wide bottom bracket shell, and all cabling is routed internally from neat interchangeable ports in the head tube. The complete bike looks unfussy and purposeful.
Colnago Colnago V1-R Frameset, 54sl (=58cm)
$3,800.00 $4,750.00 20% Off
The V1-R may be the first monocoque frame in Colnago's stable that's light enough to hold its own with other top-end monocoque framesets. We weighed a 54cm frame with seat collar and headset at 1,080g, which puts it squarely on the average mark of the other Italian monocoque frames you'll see in the pro peloton. In fact, losing weight is something of a theme for the V1-R. It drops a claimed 150 grams compared to its predecessor, the Colnago M10. In addition to refined tube shaping and the world's best carbon fiber, small details like carbon rear dropouts and direct-mount brakes no doubt contribute by eliminating unnecessary hardware.
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