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SCOTT Cycling Shoes!

Scott Bicycles are light, fast and always cutting-edge!

A company with a storied past, Scott has won worldwide renown for the cutting-edge technology in all their bicycles. They always push the limits of bicycle weight, design, materials, efficiency and suspension, and enjoy a well-earned reputation as one of world's most advanced bicycle makers.  

Scott started with ski poles and moved to bicycles!Scott was founded when an inventive skier, Ed Scott began making tapered aluminum ski poles. The strong, light poles quickly replaced existing bamboo and steel poles and set technical innovation as the company's cornerstone.

Scott's forward-thinking vision entered cycling in the 80's with their first mountain bike and a revolutionary aero handlebar, which was the key component of Greg LeMond's 8-second victory in the 1989 Tour de France. When he stormed back from a 50-second deficit in just 25 kilometers, he made aero bars an integral part of the cycling world.

Scott's industry-leading innovations soon included their unique Unishock suspension in 1991 and one of first full-suspension mountain bikes in 1992. They created one of the first carbon mountain bikes in 1995. And, as a new millennium dawned, Scott set a record for lightness with the Team Issue road bike, a production frame that tipped the scales at less than 1,000 grams. But Scott would not rest on their laurels. They quickly topped themselves with the 895-gram CR1, the lightest production frame on the market at the time.

Click to enlarge!Today, the company from Sun Valley is a clear leader. They've outdone themselves again in the weight department, producing the 790-gram Addict road frame. It makes use of Scott's Integrated Molding Process which "welds" together carbon tubes stripped of all cosmetic layers of carbon to provide incredible weight savings. 

And, these frames excel at more than gram shaving! Scott's bicycles are measurably some of the stiffest on the market, repeatedly topping independent tests of bottom-bracket deflection and other measures of stiffness. The resulting bikes, whether for road, mountain or triathlon, offer incredible efficiency you'll appreciate on every ride (click image to enlarge).

Click to enlarge!Scott has developed some of the world's finest suspension designs as well. The dual-suspension Spark combines Scott's Nude TC shock with their renowned carbon technology for a 1,790-gram frame-and-fork combo. The feathery design is built to feminine proportions on the Contessa Spark. Meanwhile, Scott's Ransom boasts 6-inches of fully active suspension and is one of the world's lightest, strongest bikes in that category. And their downhill-ready Gambler offers 10 inches of suspension to handle the gnarliest of terrain. Of course, Scott produces a wide selection of lightweight cross-country hardtails and jump bikes for those that prefer rigid simplicity, too (click image to enlarge).

Whether you're taking on the world's best or just riding around the block, you're sure to find a Scott bicycle that lets you enjoy riding more than ever.

Swing by to check out our excellent selection of Scott bicycles soon!