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June 4, 2015
Spark 930

Scott Sports Bike Marketing Update

Spark 910 - Bicycling Magazine "Editors' Choice!"

"Of the three or four really quick models I've ridden on this trip, those elevated ethereal machines that carry professionals across the finish line of World Cup races, this one—the Scott Spark—is absolutely the one I'd choose if I were looking for a bike that would give me the best chance to do well in a race, and that I'd also want to ride every day." — Bicycling Editor Louis Mazzante
Read the full article here.

Scott achieves IMBA "Above and Beyond" status

After a spring season of active participation with IMBA, SCOTT SPORTS has achieved "Above and Beyond" status as an IMBA corporate member. SCOTT is proud to be a strong supporter of IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association. 
SCOTT’s path to Above and Beyond status was completed in May, when several members of SCOTT’s office staff joined Trails Specialist Joey Klein from IMBA for a trail work day. They helped to shape upper sections of the Rush Flow Trail in Draper’s Corner Canyon network.

“The SCOTT Trail Build on the Rush Trail was a success!” said Klein. “We hand- finished several features and a new segment of trail before being chased off by rain.”

Read more here. "Spark 700 Ultimate Di2 makes everything electronic"

"The main goal was to integrate two electronic systems, running both the Fox iCTD suspension and the XTR Di2 off a single battery, creating a race optimized full suspension bike. It’s built off the existing Spark 120mm travel platform, but adds new electronic suspension controls and a proprietary new eNude rear shock developed with Fox.

Controlling it all are three switches up front, the two standard Shimano XTR Di2 shifters, and the electronic evolution of Scott’s TwinLoc rotary lever that simultaneously switches through three modes. It’s built by Shimano with a custom actuator attached to the fork and Fox-made switch specific to this shock and fork pairing…"
The full Spark 700 Ultimate bike check is here. "Could this be the face of mountain biking for the next ten years?"

"What impressed us further was reading that she won the Swedish National Downhill title in the Elite Women’s ranks in 2013. Jenny might have won that title again in 2014, but she got a flat tire in that race and only finished second. This kind of dual ability in both cross-country and downhill reminds us of the days of John Tomac and Juli Furtado." 
Read the full post here.

Pic's Pick of the Month - the Scale 700 series

As you roll into summer, remember that the Scott Scale 700 series bikes are ready to roll through terrain of all kinds. From the ultralight, HMX carbon fiber flagship 700 SL to the affordable aluminum 770, these models are suited for everything from the race course to the campus. All sizes and styles are in stock and ready to ship!  

SCOTT Sports Ad Campaigns

It's Grand Tour season! Keep your eyes open for SCOTT ads in Velo Magazine, Road Bike Action, Bicycling, and Peloton magazines.

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Scott Spark RC 900 SL
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Scott Spark 970
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Scott Scale 970
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Scott's Contessa 740 offers a women's-oriented fit and features to make eve...
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Scott Scale 920
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Scott Contessa Scale 900
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Scott Scale 720
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Scott Spark 700 Tuned
The Spark 700 Tuned is the pinnacle of what we love in a 130mm trail bike. ...
Scott Gambler 730
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Scott Genius 930
Scott's spry Genius 930 rips trails with a robust aluminum frame that can t...
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Scott Contessa Spark 710
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Scott Contessa 710
Hop aboard Scott's Contessa 710—your ticket to fun and adventure off road. ...