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Rudy Project Cycling Eyewear!

Rudy Projects combine style and function!
Rudy Project began in Treviso, Italy in 1985 when founder Rudy A couple of Rudy's very first models, the Prestige and the Super Evolution.Barbazza acted on his vision of providing eyewear featuring technology, innovation and style to the sporting goods industry. Initially aimed toward athletes, Barbazza's early glasses quickly gained prominence with both European sports enthusiasts and fashionistas alike, thanks to the combination of aesthetics, comfort and superb protection.

Barbazza quickly began sponsoring athletes after the production of his first glasses, and suddenly Rudy Projects were seen on the faces of professional cyclists including Bernard Hinault and Charly Mottet. Sponsorship in other fields, such as skiing and sailing brought more popularity, and to meet demands, Barbazza opened more distribution centers.

Today Rudy Project is one of the leading eyewear brands in the United States. Their shades combine function and style seamlBernard Hinault wearing his Rudys in 1986.essly bringing the features you need for top vision and protection with the latest fashions. And all Rudy Projects are super comfortable. 

Impressively, over 10,000The Rudy guru: Rudy Barbazza! athletes worldwide are sponsored by Rudy Project, with their varied disciplines running the gamut of the sports world. This stellar brand can also proudly boast that it's one of the last eyewear brands to be completely independent, remaining true to Barbazza's original vision.

With their QuickChange lens system, prescription options and quality Italian craftsmanship, we know you'll find the perfect Rudy Project glasses. Come in, try some on and pick your favorite!

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