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Limar Helmets!


Design, technology, research:
Italian beauty

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Paola Pezzo
is a true believer in Limar quality.
Paola Pezzo likes her helmets so much that she says,"Every time I go out, Limar is with me."

Limar represents all that is exemplary in Italian craftsmanship, combining great design, research and technology with deep passion (in this case, for cycling). It is not by accident that Limar is always the helmet of champions: Gianni Bugno, Paola Pezzo, Bjarne Rijs, Erik Zabel, Jan Ullrich and Laurent Jalabert are just a few of the biggest stars on two wheels that have chosen to put their heads in Limar's hands. They selected the security and style to which this company is devoted.

As the top European cycling helmet producer, Limar has never strayed from a road to progress it has paved with research, technology, consistency and attention to the smallest of details. Limar's cardinal principle is to endow each of its helmets with the fundamental components of quality, namely: reliability, strength and comfort.

But there is an even more fundamental component behind the quality of Limar's professional helmets: the experience on the world's most competitive roads. No test laboratory can duplicate a Tour de France spent on a champion's head!
The security of Limar's helmets is certified by IS09002 in Europe, by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's "Saving Lives and Keeping Families Safe" program in the United States, and by the Australian Standard on that continent. These certifications are a guarantee that the Italian company has achieved the ultimate in quality.

The newest addition to the Limar family, the F111, is a striking example of the modern fruit of progress developed from ergonomic research. The pattern of 37 air ducts creates a system of ventilation providing the utmost in comfort without compromising structural integrity. The F111 is a masterpiece of style, comfort and security. It takes its rightful place at the pinnacle of worldwide helmet development.

In addition to the F111, Limar's product line includes the famous F107, which now enjoys nearly a cult following for its design and comfort. The new F105, F101 and F18 extend an already complete array of models and are testament to the continuing evolution of Limar products.

Five examples of Limar's commitment to quality, great fit and safety regardless of price.
You'll find Erik Zabel at the front of every sprint finish, leading his Telekom teammates to victory.
Part Two
Team sponsorships have always been the center of Limar's product development as well as of its marketing. For this season, however, the company is launching its first worldwide public marketing campaign to acquaint a broader audience with the impressive array of technical features in its helmets.

The objective, according to managing director Giovanni Caporali, is to make Limar as well known outside the peloton as it is known by insiders. "We have been incredibly successful in the professional circle, but we are not as widely known by the public outside of Europe," Caporali says.

"We are now taking on being a worldwide leader. A key to our success has been that our helmets are so aesthetically attractive that riders forget that they can save their lives. This has helped European riders in particular push through cycling fashion concerns to take this positive step for their safety. For the public, it was the first great step in the progression of the helmet. Once they put on a Limar helmet, cyclists find that it is also a technically unmatched product in every aspect from comfort to security.

"Paola Pezzo, with whom we have been associated since her days as an up-and-coming rider to her gold medals in Atlanta and Sydney, and her multiple mountain bike world

championships, testifies to the quality of our helmets under the most arduous conditions," Caporali continues.

"Many icons of the road as well as of the mountain bike embrace Limar as the height of technology, beauty and safety. Consequently, the number of teams using our helmets is large, including Team Telekom, CSC Tiscali, Alessio, Navigators, and Subaru-Gary Fisher, among others."

A recent recognition is the request of the UCI for Limar to become the official supplier of the Centre Mondial du Cyclisme (CMC), the official university of worldwide cycling based in Lausanne.

So don't settle for mediocrity before you have tried a Limar. You will see that, like all great champions, Limar prefers results and quality to empty talk and fancy packaging.