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We proudly carry Enve Composites bicycle components!

In the short history of Enve Composites, their constant innovation has taken them from a behind-the-scenes carbon manufacturer to a leader in many component categories. Their familiarity with all aspects of the creation process, from tooling and machining, to design and production, has resulted in some cutting-edge fabrication methods.

Add in a healthy passion for cycling and the result is a growing line of acclaimed components that have quickly risen to the top of many cyclists' wishlists.

Specifically, their rims feature molded spoke holes, which require no removal of structurally important carbon. This allows wheels to be built with higher spoke tension for more strength and stiffness. This isn't a negligible improvement, either. Real world "testing" on the bikes of World Champion Steve Peat and his Santa Cruz—Syndicate teammates confirmsWhether you ride the dirt or road, Enve Composites has your component needs covered! that the wheels not only survive, but offer an advantage in run after run of world cup downhill racing.

The story's the same with their road rims. Triathletes love Enve's deep-section carbon clinchers, and gram-counting climbers are building up sub 1,000-gram wheelsets to cheat the laws of gravity. Meanwhile, Jonathan Page has been using their featherweight 2.25 rims in European cyclocross racing and finds the specially machined braking surface to be greatly advantageous. 

You may have seen Enve components on many custom-built bikes. These boutique builders know that choosing to finish their handcrafted creations with Enve products complements the ride and only increases their bikes' appeal. Plus, from start to finish, every Enve item is made in Ogden, Utah. Come by and see how you can benefit from the gossamer weight, advanced engineering and superior durability of Enve's forks, handlebars, rims, and more!