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CAMPAGNOLO Components!

Tullio Campagnolo set the standard for innovation and craftsmanship!

Come see our excellent selection of Campagnolo bicycle components!For more than 80 years, Campagnolo has been producing groundbreaking components for cyclists the world over.

From the invention of the quick release in 1927, to the introduction of the first 11-speed component range, to their revolutionary EPS electric-shifting system, Campagnolo was built on the principles of innovation and pushing the envelope of bike technology, a mindset that continues to this day.

His fingers frozen as he raced through the Dolomite mountains in a snowstorm, Tullio Campagnolo (right) was unable to loosen the bolts that held his rear wheel in place. He couldn't change the wheel and victory was snatched from him. Tullio lost the race, but the incident led to him conceiving an ingenious solution that would change bicycles forever. Three years later, in 1930, he emerged victorious from his workshop in Vicenza, Italy with the first wheel quick-release in hand.

Pro cyclists trust Campy to take them to the top!

Campagnolo's story, of course, didn't end there. In his workshop in the Italian countryside, Tullio also created one of the first shifters. Then the company came out with the parallelogram rear derailleur, and on and on. Campagnolo has been producing and refining some of the finest bike components in the world ever since.

Today, Campagnolo also produces fine wheels from aluminum and carbon to take your road bike to the next level. And, their 11-speed component groups from Athena to the storied Super Record are at the top of their class in terms of ergonomics, weight, materials and function.

Speaking of function, Campy's EPS (Electronic Power Shift) electric-shifting components let you hit your gears more quickly and smoothly than ever before. Plus, they're super light because they're crafted of carbon and titanium. And they're just as aesthetically pleasing and reliable as all of Campy's products.

Campagnolo components aren't just for professionals; they're the ultimate for regular roadies, too!In order to test and refine their components and wheels, Campagnolo has always held strong relationships with professional riders, sponsoring many teams at the top of the sport and making use of the extensive miles and harsh conditions the pros ride in to test and improve their equipment. All that rigorous testing and feedback ensures that your Campy components are as durable as they are beautiful.

From the original quick release to electric shifting, Campy has been producing innovative, groundbreaking cycling parts in Italy since the 1930s. Let our knowledgeable staff show you our wide range of Campagnolo and help you upgrade. We're sure you'll love these Italian masterpieces as much as we do.